Update for Postgraduate LLM’s at Sussex

Dear all (apologies to those not interested),

following a recent Teaching and Learning Meeting, there were a few things I thought you may be interested in knowing – they seemed too long for a Facebook post so I’ve tried to provide a breakdown here.

Printing from your laptop – the technology and software is now in place to print directly from your laptop to certain “charged” printers within the University. I believe this covers all the usual hotspots – inc. library – equally the normal process of using your printing account still applies. The following link has useful information and guidance on how to set this up: http://www.sussex.ac.uk/its/news/story?anchor=1335879671&utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter


New design library catalogue – the library catalogue has been given a revamp and I’ve been given a little bit of training to pass on to you. To access the new catalogue follow these steps: Log onto Sussex Direct ?> Library tab select Library Resources >> Select Library Catalogue >> Select the “new design” link from the preamble that then appears. The new catalogue is incredibly useful and, although it is still being updated it can still be used. It has features that allow you to save your searches, look at digital copies of books where available, various word clouds, links to reading lists, and much, much more. Great for anyone writing a dissertation needing a library of their own! 

E-submission – just in case anyone was hoping they wouldn’t have to queue to surrender their dissertations in September, don’t be fooled. E-submission is not yet in place and is unlikely to be in place any time during our stay.

Beyond that, enjoy the bizarre weather patterns and I hope to see you all at the garden party! 


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