In the News

In the News

Kim Jong-Il’s Funeral

So, North Korea is the latest country to lose a leader. It’s been quite a shakeup of the world politics recently, Libya saw a bloody end to the regime of Gaddafi, February 2011 saw the fall of President Hosni Mubarak, 2010 marked a change in British politics from a Labour-led government to the Conservatives, and who can forget the assassination of terrorist leader Usama Bin Laden? But, what does this mean for the world? Pictures across the media today show North Koreans weeping uncontrollably at the death of what many called “the Father”, but, whilst it is difficult to declare with any great certainty the human rights record of NK due to its secretive nature, are North Koreans suffering from “Stockholm syndrome”? Have they really grown to love their oppressor? Many think not!


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